Mon Jul 6

going into hibernation so i have a hope in hell to pass the bar. :(

Tue Jun 23

Also saw a businessman walking around barefoot at the train station. what is going on in Chicago today?

punk indian kid wore a kurta to bar review today. W.T.F??!!!

Wed Jun 17

barzam hell. enough said.

Wed Jun 10

freezing into a brown ice cube on the train. dear summer, please hurry the fuck up.

Wed May 27

bar review rocks my socks. a piece of cake. the time of my life.

Sun May 24

Yay I got a blackberry curve woohoo now we can be bb buddies

Wed May 20

Con law and evidence are really fly.

Tue May 19

i have to wake up at 5:30am for the rest of the summer. fabulous. just fantastic. Endless joy.

Sun May 17

Fromm, you’re killing me dude. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Your crazy hand movements are too distracting!!